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08 October 2010

Buttery Nipple Shot

About as simple as they get. Perfect for a round of shots with your friends when everyone has had enough vodka and jello shots.

15% Alcohol
You will need:
1 oz (3cl) DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur
½ oz (1.5cl) Irish Cream (Bailey's)
Chilled shot glass

Pour buttershots into the shot glass. Carefully pour the Irish cream on top to form a separate layer. Chug.

Look at the picture. Aim to copy the one on the right. The left one is for a girl who can't take the heat.
You can add a twist to this shot by pouring 1 tsp (5ml) grenadine into it (pour after buttershots, let it sink to the bottom, then add Irish cream).

Pro Dirty Vodka Martini

If you are feeling like treating yourself or the lady to a very special drink, want to impress your boss, or simply find that your usual Dom Pérignon is not classy enough.. this drink is for you. More expensive and time consuming to shop for and create than a usual Dirty Martini, but infinitely more rewarding

You will need:
3 oz ice cold Absolut or Grey Goose vodka.
½ tsp (2.5ml) Noilly Pratt vermouth
3 bleu cheese stuffed olives
3 toasted almond slivers
1 fancy, short cocktail stick
pre-chilled shaker half filled with ice cubes
pre-chilled cocktail glass

Pour the vodka into the shaker. Let it stand while you pour the vermouth into your chilled cocktail glass. Swirl it around a few times to cover the entire inside in a thin layer and then pour out the rest. Shake the vodka well and strain it into your cocktail glass. Take the almond slivers and slide one into each olive, then spear the three olives on the cocktail stick. Slide the speared olives into the cocktail glass so they are resting elegantly along one side with the top of the stick remaining above the surface. Enjoy.

Prepare this in front of your guests, or close to them so that they see how delicate a creation their drink goes through. Prepare first so you know what you are doing and don't screw up in front of them.
You can use Absolut Peppar instead of normal vodka. In this case, lose the almonds and bleu cheese stuffed olives and use jalapeño stuffed olives instead.


07 October 2010

Simple Dirty Vodka Martini

As per request, here is the recipe for a simple Dirty Martini. This is the one you will usually get at medium priced bars and clubs, and the one which is easiest and cheapest to mix for a bunch of guests.

Alcohol: 30%
You will need:
3oz (9cl) vodka (Absolut)
1 oz (3cl) dry vermouth
½ oz olive brine
olives (1-3)
cocktail glass
cocktail stick

Fill shaker halfway with ice. Pour in the vodka, vermouth and olive brine and shake well. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Spear the desired number of olives on the cocktail stick, add it and serve.

It is important to note that you should, once again, try to balance this drink to your own liking. Some people prefer their Martini very dirty and add 1½ oz (3 times as much!) olive brine and up to 6 olives. Some people use only a tiny splash of vermouth, or leave it out completely. It is up to you to discover what you prefer.


Sorry for the delay

I have been really busy today and haven't had a chance to write up a proper post. Tomorrow I have a lot of important administrative work which has to be sorted out before I travel to Belgium (aka Beer Heaven) on Saturday, so I need my sleep.
As an apology for this, I am giving you 3 new recipes tomorrow.

Take care and party hard,