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07 October 2010

Simple Dirty Vodka Martini

As per request, here is the recipe for a simple Dirty Martini. This is the one you will usually get at medium priced bars and clubs, and the one which is easiest and cheapest to mix for a bunch of guests.

Alcohol: 30%
You will need:
3oz (9cl) vodka (Absolut)
1 oz (3cl) dry vermouth
½ oz olive brine
olives (1-3)
cocktail glass
cocktail stick

Fill shaker halfway with ice. Pour in the vodka, vermouth and olive brine and shake well. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Spear the desired number of olives on the cocktail stick, add it and serve.

It is important to note that you should, once again, try to balance this drink to your own liking. Some people prefer their Martini very dirty and add 1½ oz (3 times as much!) olive brine and up to 6 olives. Some people use only a tiny splash of vermouth, or leave it out completely. It is up to you to discover what you prefer.


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