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02 October 2010

Jäger Bomb

A very simple and popular drink which has been made illegal to serve in some countries due to the combination of caffeine and alcohol possibly affecting people with a bad heart. Like all alcohol, drink responsibly and at own risk.

Alcohol content: 7%
You will need per serving:
Half a can of energy drink (preferably Red Bull)
2 oz or 6cl Jagermeister
Shot glass (2oz or larger)
Large glass

Pour energy drink into large glass. Pour Jagermeister into shot glass. Serve in front of customer or guest by dropping the shot glass into the large glass. Chug.

DO NOT SPLASH! Some people take "bomb" a bit too literally and drop the shot glass from very high up, splashing energy drink on everyone around them. Drop it close to the surface or float it on the surface and then push it under. Also, don't choke on the shot glass when you slam this drink down your throat.
You can also choose to pour the Jagermeister very slowly across the energy drink and make a layered drink.



  1. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  2. I wonder if it would be illegal in Australia...

  3. Always wanted to try one of these bad boys...

  4. I fix these up all the time. That reminds me... brb.

  5. im gonna visit your page next time i throw a party lol

  6. Wow, didn't realise they had been made illegal in some places.
    They are pretty brutal to be honest.