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03 October 2010

Types of glasses

Today I will briefly explain some different types of glasses commonly used in bar tending. If you want information on a more rare glass not mentioned below, request it in the comments.

Beer glass: Often tall to let you see the colour and carbonation clearly and wider at the top to keep a nice head of foam. Some glasses may have stems to protect the beer from heating by the drinker's hands. Usually 25cl, 33cl or 50cl.
Beer mug: Large and thick-sided. Will usually carry a pint or 50cl but occasionally seen in 1 litre size. They are sturdy and heavy and therefore good all purpose glasses which will rarely break even if the user is quite drunk. They also have a handle for people with smaller hands to be able to hold them and to protect the beer against heating.
Cocktail (Martini): Triangle shaped bowl with a long thin stem. Used for straight up drinks, meaning no ice and little or no non-alcoholic liquid added. The shape is mainly for a classy appearance.
Snifter (Balloon): Large bowl on a short stem. Wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. This glass is used for brandy and some beers. Only about 5cl (1.7 oz) of brandy is poured in so that it reaches the widest point of the glass. The width is for evaporation and the narrow top is to trap aromas. Usually cupped in one hand to warm the brandy and increase evaporation.
Highball: Tall, slim and straight sided glass holding 8-12 oz. Used for most mixed drinks, especially those on the rocks (containing a lot of ice) and/or mixed with soft drinks. A Collins glass is an even taller version.
Old-fashioned: A short, wide, round glass, typically with a thick bottom. Holds 8-10 oz and is used for cocktails or liqueur served on the rocks.
Shot glass: Very small glass used for liqueurs, but mostly vodka. Sometimes used for mixed drinks, especially when buying a whole shaker to share with friends. Typically holds 1-3 oz with many many different sizes in between. Often decorated and bought as souvenir. Sometimes dropped into cocktails like Jäger Bombs or Boilermakers.


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